Compañía Marisquera Puntarenence H.J.S.A.

Dried Shark Fin and Dried Fish Maw

Compañía Marisquera Puntarenence H.J.S.A., based in Costa Rica, Central America has been in the business of supplying dried shark fin and dried fish maw since 1988.
We are currently exporting the product to Hong Kong and can offer the quality that the buyer requires.The following types of sharks can be found in the Pacific waters off the Costa Rican coast:

Shark type and Percentage (%)*

Brown shark 50%
Hammerhead 20%
Tresher 10%
Blue shark 10%
Black tip 5%
Others 5%Información
*Percentage of all sharks taken in Costa Rican Pacific.Aset includes 62% pectoral, 18% dorsal, and 20% caudal all of which is dried and cut in a half moon shape.

If you are interested in purchasing dried shark fin form us, you will need to provide us with the following information: Quantity request each month Quanlity requered("the type of cutting") Shark fin classification (different sizes and fin types) Packing specifications (bags or boxes) The way you buy (different types of sharks, sized by inch, by the set or the lot) Required process (drying and cleaning method, fumigation) Payment method FOB buying prize per kilogram.

The set of blue shark and tresher shark fin is dried whith a straight cut, there is no difference in the price for different sizes. All inquiries should be directed to: Compañía Marisquera Puntarenense H.J.S.A.

The size that we offer is:
Size big:
Pectoral 6 inches and up
Dorsel 4 inches and up
Caudadl 4 inches and up
Size small:
Pectoral under 6 inches
Dorsel under 4 inches
Caudadl under 4 inches
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