"We teach it, you learn it, together we live it"

ILERI is a small, friendly language institute in picturesque Escazú, Costa Rica, 7 km from San Jose, the country’s capital. Run by professionals with degrees in both International Relations and the teaching of Spanish as a second language, ILERI has programs for people of all ages and levels of Spanish fluency.

Located in a large sunny house set back from a quiet residential lane, the institute makes students feel that they are visiting their friends rather than going to school.

You will have the option of studying with a Costa Rican family and learning about the culture, or we will help you arrange accommodation at a local or apartment.

Costa Rica is a culturally rich, technologically advanced country, at peace with its neighbors for over a century. The commitment Costa Rica has made to the preservation of its natural resources has made this tiny country world famous. Pristine beaches and vibrant jungles can be reached easily from the capital, making your Spanish studies an adventure in Latin America.

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Your level of study will be determined by a placement exam on the first day of class. We use the Total Immersion method to help you learn Spanish quickly and thoroughly.

Classes are conducted in Spanish only. Discussions on topics of interest and written exercises are an integral part of our program.

A homestay with a Costa Rican family will encourage you to practice what you have learned.


To ensure personal attention, we limit classes to 4 people maximum. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate and credits, where applicable.


Choose from one week or more according to your needs. Classes are four hours daily, Monday to Friday, either mornings or afternoons. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks of classes.

Individual tutorial and evening classes are available at an additional cost.




4 weeks $980.00

3 weeks $800.00

2 weeks $500.00

1 week $300.00

The price includes:

  • Airport pick up and transfer to host family.
  • Lodging with a Costa Rican family, two meals a day (breakfast and dinner).
  • Laundry service.
  • Four hours of Spanish instruction daily.
  • Workbook of exercises.
  • City tour of Escazú.
  • City tour of San José.
  • School Sponsored Activities: Horse back riding, dance class, visit to theater, museum, souvenir shop, discoteca, movies in Spanish, walking tour of the mountains, conversation classes, field trip.
  • Arrangements of tours with agencies.
  • Permanent coffee service.
Note: one week program includes only airport pick up, instruction and homestay.


4 weeks $640.00

3 weeks $480.00

2 weeks $350.00

1 week $200.00

The price includes:

  • Airport pick up and transfer to hotel or place of residence.
  • Four hours of Spanish instruction daily.
  • Workbook of exercises.
  • City tour of Escazú.
  • City tour of San Jose.
  • School Sponsored Activities: horse back riding, dance class, visit to theaters, museums, souvenir shops, discotecas, movies in Spanish, walking tour on the mountains, conversation classes, field trip.
  • Arrangements of tours with agencies.
Note: one week program includes only airport pick up and lessons.


Escazú offers an interesting mix of countryside beauty and city attractions. Surrounded by mountains, this typical Costa Rican pueblo of Spanish Colonial heritage is only 15 minutes southwest San José and 25 minutes from the airport.

The central portion of the town, also known as San Miguel de Escazú is an oasis of tranquillity and friendliness. One finds restaurants, typical Costa Rican sodas, banks, private and public schools.

There is a wide variety of bed and breakfast and hotels which reflect the peaceful surroundings.

All Escazú has excellent taxi and bus service.

Known as the city of witches or brujas, Escazú has many interesting legends and traditions.

SAN RAFAEL DE ESCAZÚ: This area has a number of elegant shopping centers with boutiques, international restaurants, and nights spots, where every night of the week young and old people alike gather.

San Rafael de Escazú is surrounded by one of the most exclusive residential neighborhoods in the San José area.

SAN ANTONIO DE ESCAZÚ: San Antonio still shows its traditional roots.

Nestled in the mountains of Escazú are farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and coffee. While many restaurants here serve typical Costa Rican cuisine, there are also elegant mountain hotels and spectacular scenic spots.


Every Thursday, the institute sponsors classes in these popular Latin rhythms. You’ll have the cance to practice and live the language of through the rhythm, lyrics, and melodies of popular salsa and merengue songs.


Homestay with upper middle class Costa Rican families allow students to practice their Spanish after class and share in the rich culture of the most beautiful country in Latin America.

A wide variety of family situations are available, if you smoke or have a particular aversion to children or pets please indicate in the application form.

Homestay families are located in Escazú and most students walk to class or ride the local bus.

There are also hotels and bed and breakfast establishments conveniently situated nearby for those who prefer not to stay with local family.

For persons not taking classes the cost for a homestay is $125 per week.


We’ll be happy to pick you up at the airport if you send us your airline, flight number, date and time of arrival. Please confirm that we have received this information before leaving.


You can pay the first day of class.

We do not accept credit cards, but we accept personal checks and traveler checks. WE DON'T REFUND.

For more information write:

Ana Leonor Ramírez M., Co-Directora
Sandra Chacón E., Co-Directora
ILERI, Costa Rica
Instituto de Lenguas
P.O BOX: 191, Escazú, San José
Phone: (506) 289-4396
Fax / Phone: (506) 228-1687
Phone in California: (626) 856-8804
(818) 337-0107

Marianela Valverde A. Directora
ILERI Panama
P.O BOX: 6-63-31, El Dorado.
Phone / Fax: (507) 260-4424


If you want to travel more extensively in Costa Rica, we can help you make all necessary arrangements.


Panama city because of its geographical location, is full of cultural and ethnic contracts. Panama offers the student an attractive diversity, from the colonial city to a modern city of skyscrapers; from the densest jungle in the world to the archipelago with one of the purest indigenous cultures left the hemisphere, the kunas. And Panama is much more than this. It is the robust salsa danced by its people, the human warmth of the Panamanians who confronts their difficulties with the rhythm of the happy "Tamborillo", a folk rhythm. Inside of this tropical happiness, we also find a world of international commerce and finance where you can find merchandise from all parts of the world at bargain prices at all times of the year.

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