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A bout emeralds...

Emerald is the intense green or blusish green gem variety of the mineral beryl, or Beryllium aluminum silicate , having a hardness of 7.5 to 8 Mohs, and a specific gravity of 2.63 to 2.91. Along with the Emerald are:
Aquamarine: Greenish blue or light blue
Morganite: Pink, purple pink, or peach
Heliodore: Golden yellow to golden green
Red beryl: Raspberry red
Goshenite: Colorless, greenish yellow, yellow green, brownish

The emerald was known in ancient times, not only for its beauty but also for its alleged power of healing diseases of the eye. It is essentially identical to other types of beryl in composition and properties, but contains sufficient chromium to impart a bright green color. Emeralds sometimes contain featherlike material, often call "silk" which causes the gem to have a mossy appearance. Flawless specimens of good color and size are exceedingly rare and command higher prices than diamonds of equal weight.
Emeralds - Costa Rica Informatin Center
Emeralds of ancient times were mined chiefly in Egypt and large specimens have been found in Siberia. Most gem specimens are now mined in Colombia.

W orldwide Emeralds...

Though emeralds are mined in Brazil, Tanzania and India, only the Colombian emerald bears the pure intense green that has earned the Colombian emerald the title "King of Emeralds". Colombian emeralds are known for not bearing blue, yellow or gray color variations. Always the Colombian stone is considered more precious
Genuine Colombian Emeralds.

Emeralds - Costa Rica Informatin Center Private showings available at your request
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Emeralds - Costa Rica Informatin Center
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