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Costa Rica Exclusive Buyer's Brokers
My name is David Stokem. I am an American Lawyer (a member in good standing of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pa.), who has lived mostly in Costa Rica for the past eight years. During this time I have personally purchased property in Costa Rica as well as advised others on purchasing property here. Unfortunately, many foreigners who purchase property or businesses in Costa Rica do not seek advice, ignore that advice when it is given, or receive poor advice and sometimes the results range from serious disappointment to catastrophic loss of capital. We have established our Exclusive Buyer's Agency to help our buyer clients find exactly what they are looking for at the Best Price and to make sure they avoid any and all pitfalls, ultimately, assuring that they get what they paid for, with good title. Let us help you make your dream come true.

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Often called a Buyer's Broker, an Exclusive Buyer's Agent represents only the buyer in a transaction. This is unlike an ordinary real estate or business brokerage, which represents the interests of their clients, the sellers. When an agent represents the seller he she is duty bound to get the highest price possible and to report all information about the buyer to the seller to give his client the edge in negotiations. Thus, the buyer is a customer, not a client. We as Exclusive Buyers Agents represent only the buyer. Our obligation is to get the lowest price for our client, the buyer, and to report all information favorable to our bargaining position to our client while keeping his/her position confidential.

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    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We work exclusively for you without regard for the seller, promoting and protecting your best interests.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We negotiate the best price and terms for you.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We present negatives as well as positives to you.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We keep your bargaining and financial position confidential.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We pass on information, which may strengthen your bargaining position.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica With your approval, we present an offer considering your best interests.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We have access and exposure to unlisted as well as listed properties.

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica We also perform the services of an ordinary broker such as: arrange property showings; assist with financing; explain procedures, forms and agreements; monitor the closing; and secure qualified and reliable experts at your request (building inspectors, surveyors, attorneys, etc.).

    Buyers Brokers in Costa Rica WE CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY

Tell us what you want
We will find it for you at the best price

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Exclusive Buyer's Agents works exclusively for you and we do not collect listing commissions. We require a relatively small retainer, which is fully refundable, when you buy because we collect our commission from the seller. The retainer allows us to cover our expenses as well as maintain our focus as we work to satisfy your objective.

NOW is a great time to buy in Costa Rica. As in all markets, there are fluctuations between buyers’ and sellers’ markets. Currently, the atmosphere in Costa Rica is that of buyers’ market. It won't last forever.

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Several factors are very important when purchasing property in a foreign country. First, the laws are different. While foreigners in Costa Rica, unlike many countries, have the same absolute right to own property as citizens, the laws and procedures differ substantially from the U.S. and other countries. A buyer needs qualified and reliable expert advice throughout the transaction. Unfortunately, enough unscrupulous operators including dishonest lawyers and sellers exist here to necessitate caution. Often things are not as well regulated in other countries as they are in the good old U.S.A. Thus justice for wrongdoers is not as swift or as decisive, leaving victims out in the cold. The obvious remedy is not to get caught in a bad situation in the first place. This is one reason to engage a Buyer's Broker. In short we will make sure you get exactly what you think you are getting, with GOOD TITLE. We protect your interests.

A second factor to consider when purchasing property here is finding exactly what you want. Often, perhaps most often, the first home, property or business that catches your eye is not the best opportunity for you. All buyers should take the time to look around, analyze the market, and have knowledge of the range of possibilities prior to investing. By having knowledge of factors ranging from what properties are available to relative property values in various areas of the country to geography and climate we can match buyers up with what they are looking for.

Another factor to consider is language. Most foreigners to Costa Rica from outside Latin America do not speak sufficient Spanish to understand what they are buying if not dealing with an English speaking person. Often the most favorable deals can be obtained by dealing directly with the seller who, if Costa Rican, most likely speaks limited English at best. We deal directly with the seller on your behalf, with your consent, and share all information with you.

After an investor locates a desirable home, property or business the next aspect is negotiation of price. Of course language is a prime factor here but it is not the only consideration. We as a third party are in a naturally better position to negotiate on your behalf. Having knowledge of the local market also helps us help you. We not only can advise you not to overpay; we will negotiate the best price for you or advise you to move on to the next possibility.

In summary, as an Exclusive Buyers Agent we serve only our client's interests as buyer's brokers do everywhere. We also serve an extra function in Costa Rica by utilizing our extensive knowledge of Costa Rica for our client's benefit and protection. ALL AT NO COST TO OUR BUYERS.

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E-mail: BuyersAgent@CostaRicaWeb.com
Phone / Fax: (506) 290-7430
Address: Apdo. 11682-1000
San José, Costa Rica, Central America
P.O. Box 25216-3088
Miami, Fl. USA 33102-5216
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