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Who are we? - Creativa World Communications

CREATIVA is the newest option in world wide publicity. We offer you our services for the production of radio announcements, press releases, television videos, and for the fastest growing force in the current market place, Internet.

We are not a travel agency, however, we are the first advertising agency in the country that can let the whole world know about your company through the use of advertising on the Internet.

Why us? - Creativa World Communications
  • Because we believe in our clients, and we know that they are first.
  • Because we want to put in your hands the highest technology in design and in the creation of Web pages.
  • Because we believe that the Internet is the best tool with which you can promote your company; not only for the best price but also for the world reach that it possesses. Also, you can have direct contact with your clients just by having them put their fingers on the keyboard.
  • Because we know that your clients are important for you and it is indispensable to offer them the best possible service.
  • Because we move in a competitive market place in which your company must be modernized to obtain the best results.
  • Because our first name is CREATIVA (that which invents new opportunities), and our last name is SERVICE.
But why Internet - Creativa World Communications

Internet, the worldwide network of communications, is visited daily by nearly 30,000,000 users (according to the company DataQuest) in search of finding information about products, services, trips, hotels, amusement, and any other business or entertainment that they have in mind.

Imagine! If you could only capture 1% of that population, you would have in your hands more than 300,000 potential clients every day.

And the others - Creativa World Communications

They all also can be at your disposal. However, we emphasize more the publicity in Internet, since it is the one that has a smaller cost with a bigger reach.

For example, if you take into account the cost and the reach of one of the main newspapers of our country of Costa Rica, with a preferential page, the advertiser will realize the following result:

  • The price is a little more than a half million colons.
  • The price includes only one average page for only one day.
  • It is distributed only within our country, without reaching the entire market place.

Now, please compare the above advertising with Creativa Internet:

  • The price of the first month is gratuitous and that of the following ones $30.00.
  • This price includes an average 6 pages for 30 days, and for 24 hours per day.
  • It covers the entire planet Earth and it arrives at more than 30,000,000 users per day.
Interesting? This is not a trick, this is the new reality.
Who makes your pages? - Creativa World Communications

Us, of course!

We have the best human and technological tools to carry out your work with professionalism, economy, and unbeatable service. This includes animation, virtual reality, and any other technological fantasy that you want for your company. Also, if you want to project your company image in a multimedia disk, we will create a CD-ROM for you.

Satisfied? - Creativa World Communications

That is our number one priority, and for that reason, if you feel this way, we invite you to have a cup of coffee with us, and to discuss the projects that we can develop for you or for your company.

You business is important to us and we want to know more about your company. Please, communicate with us, and it will be a pleasure to serve you.

Additional Services - Creativa World Communications

Our company, besides offering you advertising services, has the technical computer team that you need to modernize your company.

And you want to invest in properties or real estate in general, don't hesitate to speak with our personnel of Buyers Brokers.


Internet Services and Prices

Creativa World Communications

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