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List of Services

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Below is a list of the Internet services that we provide. If you need a more detailed description of any of our services or have any special requests please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns. We will reply to all mail sent within one business day.

Description of Services
Setup Charges
Monthly Charges
One Year Basic Web Account
  • unlimited access (# of hits)
  • statistics of page access
  • e-mail link or service as appropriate
$ 75 US Dollars
$ 30 US Dollars
Animation of your logo or other design
$ 300
Design of web pages
$ 100
E-mail only service
$ 10
$ 5
Panoramic photos
$ 300
Background music
$ 100
Shopping Cart
$ 300
$ 100
Detail of Services

Description of Service: The term Description of Service refers to the services that Creativa World Communications will provide for the service term of the contract. This is the amount of time that Creativa will keep your home page posted, updated and maintained on the Internet. This also refers to the amount of time that a client will be charged for said services. These services are the basic services provided. Additional services can be attained and will be quoted separately.

Setup Charges: The term Setup Charges is the fee charged one time to establish your account or service. This includes the full installation charges for the setup, uploading files, and all other installation work.

Page Design: The design of the basic layout of a site to be viewed on the Internet. This basic layout includes your logo (client supplied), a digital image, and a page of normal text. Any additional features (i.e.. animation, sound, multiple links, etc.) will be handled separately.

Monthly Charges: The term Monthly Charges is the fee that will be charged to clients every month during the term of service of the contract. All fees will be paid in advance every three months.

Additional services are available upon request and review. These services include domain name registration, domain name transfers, site transfers, e-mail aliasing, e-mail forwarding, auto-response, virtual reality, video clips, background sound, custom cgi, shopping cart, database services, catalogs, and java design. If you have any questions concerning any additional services that are not listed above in our services listing, please e-mail with your questions, comments, or suggestions.

Additional Terms and Policies
Comparison of Services
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