Cía. Farmex S.A. is committed to the execution of several innovations that will permit it to increase its critical mass sales in the pharmaceutical sector, both at a private and a public level, in such a way that it reach the first places of sales in the country at a short term, in a healthy manner that will generate loyalties in the market for the company, mainly due to the treatment received by our clients, since these are treated as company guests, thus always receiving the best experience possible when they deal with us. The above leads to the amalgamation in one single action, company sales, first-class service received by our clients, and of course, the incentives granted by the company to the owners of drugstores or commercial establishments that acquire through us pharmaceutical products, as well as for final consumers, for whom the company cares very specially and who receive a great of benefits to continue displacing products from the sales point of view for their personal use .