We have a float of vehicles and motorcycles covering the country, in such a way that the center of the country known as the Great Metropolitan Area, of approximately ninety square kilometers, is served with deliveries of no more than one and a half hours after receiving the order, and the rest of the country in terms of twelve hours after receiving the order on working days during the week; on holidays, and weekends the time frame changes to twenty four hours. All our agents have immediate communication with the operations’ center from any part of the national territory through a cellular telephone, and in some cases, by means of a radio belonging to the company. All the above will be reinforced beginning next February 1999, with the new service of a ‘Web Site’ purchasing system, designed exclusively for Cía. Farmex S.A. , which will be connected to the ‘Web’ through Internet’ by means of ‘Modems’, thus having direct communication with the company’s data base. Clients will be able to use this via to make direct purchases, make consultations on offers and discounts, as well as on any possible use of the credit sources that will be put at the disposition of the clients, since to this effect, the company will be counting with the backing of a bank specialized in detail or personal credit that will attend these necessities. This last element, as you can see, has tremendous possibilities of use, that among others, permits the electronic marketing of any type of product, as well as the constant consultation on the part of purchasers and direct consumers, because the ‘Web Site’ is open to the general public . The idea is to have by the year 2000, a new service platform for clients and novel sales’ schemes that will permit us to be ahead of our competitors.

FARMEX history