A project that was started last April, by the name of Farmex 2000, has been developed to generate an approach to the new platform of sales, which has been evolving in such a way as to offer clients several advantages, as well as discounts, premiums, offers, information, delivery of products throughout the country, as close as possible to the “Just in time” model, so they may obtain as many advantages as possible even in the financial management this implies. To give the service, we presently count with our own “Software” developed specially for the company, on an Oracle data base, located in an Alfa 2000 server, and operating in real time in all stations. We also have a sales force of ten professional agents who cover the entire country, as well as a specialized telemarketing unit that also attends the total national territory over the telephone, promoting sales, offering new products, and supporting promotions or offers whenever it corresponds.