Grupo Curime
Fundación y Asociación Curime
To promote Costa Rican Popular Traditions

Since the 70s, a folk group is born by the offices of the Public Education Ministry. This occurs once that Abdenago Torres (Nago) stops playing the soft music of such time, to sing his songs dedicated to Costa Rica and to present the first recital with songs dedicated to the traditions of the province of Guanacaste.

This recital was called" Nago de Nicoya sings to histowns". In which we counted with the collaboration of Amelia Barquero for the Costa Rican dances, and Mrs. Marielos Mazariegos with her group of the Ministry of Education Art Academy and Recreation.
Due to the success of this recital, presented in different places of the country the Ballet of Nago de Nicoya was conformed. In that occasion the culture, youth and Sports Ministry, Licda. Carmen Naranjo Coto, became one of the leaders, as well as the First Lady of Mexico in that time. Licda. Esther Zuno de Echeverría.
At that time in Costa Rica there were very few groups, but they were well known for their great effort, work and conviction.
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