The Group A.B.C. the Junior Chamber from Desamparados, "July 25" OF Liberia," Erick Francisco Diaz and his Group", Alberto Mario Pérez, Daisy and her sister, Xinia Mora, Prof. José Goméz from Cartago Social Work Academy Band.The Guaria Morada, the National Folk Group from the Church of San Marcos, Limón, Group Zapandí from the Carrillo Town,
the Recreation and Art Academy, Monroe Poyser from Limón and don Rodrigo Weel, Talented choreographer, among others. All these people and groups of great prestige fought without support from the State and made it possible that our Costa Rican dances did not disappear.
Not counting with a marimba, most of these groups used the record player, for their performances.
From time to time, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute paid a marimba for them, when they wanted to promote their own interest. During that time is was normal to hear Los Ticos Trio, Los Talolingas, lencho Salazar, Los Sukias etc, which music was utilized by these groups.

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