From our side, you can program our group CURIME for a month in different cities or towns from China, as you decide, we will gladly give you our best cooperation.
I do not omit to inform you that we are studying other possibilities in Spanin, France and Belgium, but the general enthusiasm from all the members of Grupo Curime de C.R is to participate in this Great Folk International Festival in China, so we can strenghten the friendship, respect and admiration that we have always had for this great Nation, China, example for the world.
I am taking advantage of this opportunity to enclose our Curriculum, in case we come to an agreement with your organization, we will be glad to send you more detailed information. Hoping to be useful, I remain
Yours Very Truly,
Abdenago Torres M. "NAGO DE NICOYA"
P.O. BOX 475 Desamparados, San Jose, Costa Rica
America Central
Telefax: (506) 259-3154.
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