1984: the group assists to the "Carnival 84", the most important beneficent program organized in Houston (United States). During April and May of the same year, the group films their first, Documentary, under the responsibility of "Television Mundial" and producciones Escazu, this documentary was classified in the First Cinematography Eliminatory of the Movie Festival organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1985: Curime travels to Miami (United States), invited by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, to represent our country at the International Congress (C.O.T.A.L.).
1996: due to its great performance during 1981, Curime is invited year through year to Festivals in Europe, and during this year they travel again to this festivals, specially to France to the following festivals: Plozevet Festival, La Baule Festival, Nantes Festival, festivals:
Bretagne Festival, Gannat World Festival, Confolens World Festival, Oloron Festival.
1987: The former building of Fundacion Curime was knocked down and the actual building is started. During this year, Curime travels to Europe and they won the prize of "Best Musical Group of the World" during the Confolesns World Festival.
1989: Curime represents Costa Rica during the celebration of Bicentennial of French Revolution Jeux Santons, France, this trips lasts for three months in different European countries with a record of 1.780 performances, being this the first time that a Costa Rican cultural group makes a trip of such dimensions. During the same year they travel to Portugal to commemorate the Bicentennial of the French Revolution, it is Curime who liven up the dance at Jeux Santons.
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