1980: they have a performance at the Costa Rican National Theater to commemorate the Anniversary of the creation of Organización de Estados Americanos (O.E.A.). During February they travel to Central American Lands: Honduras, Nicaragua, Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro Sula, where they have a great acceptance among the public. They have a performance also at Ocotal and Managua for the Nicaraguan Starting Revolution.1981: the group travels to Europa for the second time accepting and invitation made by the C.I.O.F.F. (International Folk Festival Organization Committee), they participate there during the months of July and August in the following countries:
Belgium: Schoten Folk Festivals (Gold Medal of the Schoten Festival).France: Gannet Folk Festivals (participation Medal of the Saumur Festival)Saumur International Festival (participation Medal of the Saumur Festival)Confolens World Festival (participation Medal of the Confolens Festival) Spain: Pirineos World Folk Festival (participation Medal of the Pirineo World Folk Festival). 1983: Curime participates during January in a special program of the country Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California (United States), for the program "Entre Continentes, entre Mares" (Among Continents, among Seas).
During February they visit Venezuela to participate in the International fair of San Sebastian during the cultural programs to commemorate the Bicycle Tournament to Tachira (San Cristobal Venezuela).
During the same year, CURIME, got one of its goals, to record their first LP Record.
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